We are a process driven organization, which allows us to be extremely efficient while maintaining value for our customers. As a result of our focus on process, we consistently deliver talented candidates, regardless of job title or industry. Our proven system streamlines and simplifies the hiring process for both clients and candidates.

Step 1

Assessing Client Opportunities

Our initial client contact is one of the most important steps in our process. We research your business and identify the core values of your company. Then we speak directly with HR professionals, hiring managers, or key executives to discuss available opportunities where our services are requested. During that discussion, we seek to understand the unique needs, goals, and culture relevant to the opportunities at hand. It is also important to uncover areas of distinction and reasons for employee retention within your company.

Step 2

Communicating Job Requirements

Clients provide a complete job description and briefing on each of the open positions. While job descriptions convey basic information, we also want to know the hidden factors of success in order to find a great match. We are interested in learning the most important attributes or qualifications for the position and want to know about any challenges in filling this role as well. It is necessary to know the steps in the hiring process and how many people within the organization’s hierarchy will interview the candidates. In addition, we need to know to whom this role reports, location, typical hours, and compensation range.

Step 3

Sourcing, Screening and Selecting Candidates

Our searches are personalized to assure a proper fit to your business. Our in-depth knowledge of the dynamic job market, coupled with our national industry network of top talent, help us to find the appropriate candidates for the job. We utilize referrals and digital communications to expand our extensive professional networks, and we employ nontraditional means to obtain passive candidates. These passive candidates are typically “pre-selected” by our recruiters based on their skills and experience. Throughout the screening process, we learn the candidate’s motivation for seeking new employment and their expectations for the job to which they are applying. We look at the essential functions of the job as well as the culture and expectations of the company to determine an appropriate fit. Candidates are selected based on professional compatibility to your company culture. We believe quality is more important than volume, which is why we have stringent criteria for candidate submittal. After thorough evaluations, we present only the top qualified candidates for interviews within 10 business days of receiving the service agreement. These top candidates are usually an 85-90% match, keeping us competitive in the industry. Our candidate presentations include pertinent details beyond the resume which outlines specific qualifications relevant to the position. Receiving this additional insight is one of the advantages of working with a recruiting firm like PSS RECRUITING. Once a candidate is presented, it is necessary for us to receive timely and effective feedback from our clients. Based on your response, we can refocus our search or move forward with interviews. After interviews are complete, we receive honest feedback from both client and candidate. The next step is to choose which candidate will best fit the job and benefit your company.

Step 4

Placing Candidates in Client's Organization

Our overall goal is to connect you to the right talent for long-term success. Depending on client preference, we will present and negotiate the offer and assist with onboarding. Upon reaching a mutual agreement, we communicate all pertinent information to the placed candidate to ensure a smooth transition for both the candidate and the client. Our services do not end here. We follow-up with our clients post placement to confirm their objectives have been fulfilled. We judge our success on the satisfaction of our clients. We appreciate the opportunity to work together and look forward to a long lasting business partnership.